Jaysun : Solar Water Heater


Exceptional Benefits of Integrated Solar Water Heater

  • High efficiency with 93% absorption.
  • Unlike flat plates solar the tubes can be cleaned easily from inside, scales can be easily removed in case of hard water.
  • Powder coated outer tank with PUF insulation ensures low conduction and convection
    losses to atmosphere.
  • Powder coated stand to give more strength & life.
  • Low cost and long life.
  • Excellent service back up.

Unique Advantages of Jaysun Solar

  • Best Insulation is provided by evacuated glass tubes.
  • Words on the principle of natural Thermosyphon Circulation.
  • The system is being commercially used since last 10 years by a number of nations like USA, Japan, Germany, Australia, Spain and many others.
  • Government of India (MNRE) have approved the product ETC & decided to promote its use throughout our country.



Saving From Products

G.I. Tank Longer Life Span
Laser Cut and Weld Structure Batter Strength & Longer Life
Vacuum Insulation For Collectors For Ideal Performance
Handle Hard Water Without Drop in Efficiency
Glass Tubes To Prevent Scaling
High Density PUF insulation To Reduce Thermal losses
Almost Zero Maintenace Dosen't Requir Skilled Person
ECO FRIENDLY :: No Electricity - No Fuel, Gas 85% Savings, Electricit 65% Savings, Wood 55% Savings
  • World’s latest innovated technologies.
  • High temperature.
  • Less scale due to tube big diameter.

Single Target

Three Target

Single Target Three Target

Silent Features:

  • Pressurized Solar System
  • H.D.G. Tank of long life.
  • Flanch type tank gives more strength.
  • S.S. bolt in flinch cover.
  • Completed 5 years of service with satisfied customers globally.
  • 1 year free service & minimum product life span of 15-2- years.
  • ISI marked 1.5 KW back-up heater with thermostat (Optional).
  • Extra auxiliary tank is fitted instead of air vent, with stands high pressure of cold water also minimize mixing of hot & cold water.
  • Marin inside coating, S.S. nipple.
  • Aluminum side cover.
  • Rockwool / PUF insulation.
  • Better performance in winter and cloudy days.
  • No scale formation & no pipe blockage will occur by using salt & hard water.
  • Inner tank made of S.S. grade surgical steel used in marine applications.
  • Suitable for bore well water and hard water usage.
Five Year Warranty Explore Our Video ECO FRIENDLY :: No Electricity - No Fuel, Gas 85% Savings, Electricit 65% Savings, Wood 55% Savings ISI :: Backup Heater Optional