Jaysun : Solar Water Heater

About Us

Jaysun is a manufacturer of solar energy systems since 1980, specializing in solar water heater products known worldwide as JaySun.

The high quality and international recognition of Jaysun solar water heaters have brought us in a position among top solar water heater manufacturers. Indeed at Jaysun we have been world leaders in solar water heaters 31 years before others discovered the power of the sun.

Jaysun Solar made a stair in the market with wealth experience and high technology investment in Market. Solar Water Heaters from Jaysun, where the capacity matters most. They can be expanded or reduced in number as per the requirement. This is a Series of independent water heaters integrated together to cater a bigger size need.

Our mission is to find the best ways to change people’s behaviour and to introduce energy-saving measures into homes. We do this by providing expert insight and knowledge about energy saving, supporting people to take action, working with business, government, local authorities and others to drive improvements in the energy-saving market, and by providing quality assurance for goods, services and installers.

We specialize in rapid prototyping using in house facilities prior to design approval and conversion to mass production. High speed machining and finishing are all carried on site. Ensuring reasonable price, timely delivery and satisfaction of after sale service we warmly wel - come customer from home and abroad to co-operate with us.

Five Year Warranty Explore Our Video ECO FRIENDLY :: No Electricity - No Fuel, Gas 85% Savings, Electricit 65% Savings, Wood 55% Savings ISI :: Backup Heater Optional